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Every business should have a USP.

What’s a USP you ask?

A USP is the Unique Selling Proposition of your business. This can be a short description or pitch that answers the questions, why should your customers buy, but more importantly, why should they buy from you? 

Before you jump up in excitement yelling; I know why they buy from us, know that this is a process that should not be rushed.

Although we have a vision in our heads of who our customers are, there are still so many things we need to understand about them in order to properly serve them. This is where your USP comes in.

Let’s make this simple, think about the perfect scenario between a prospect that becomes your best customer, and write out what that would look like. What’s the problem they need you to solve? Does the problem their experiencing need your full attention? What’s the level of urgency? Can another local business solve this problem for them as well as you can?

These are the basic things you need to cover in order to best create your USP. Don’t over-complicate it, just sit and answer the questions above and write out the best possible direct message you can to your perfect customer. This USP will be a living document within your business, so treat it as such. Make adjustments as they come up.